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SMS Webhooks The API is used when you want to receive realyime delivery status of messages you have sent.
💡 USAGE Set DLR webhooks on your Textng Account to receive realtime delivery reports for your messages. To set-up the Callback url, kindly visit the Account Settings page and insert your callback url in the appropraite input field. Below is a template of how your callback URL should be.
PHP code
  if (getenv('REQUEST_METHOD') == 'POST') {
      $postData = file_get_contents("php://input");
      if (!empty($postData)) {
          $decode = json_decode($postData);
          $extracted_data = $decode->D->details;
          foreach ($extracted_data as $extracted_data_info) {
              echo $phone_number = $extracted_data_info->number;
              echo $status = $extracted_data_info->status;
              echo $track_id = $extracted_data_info->track_id;
              echo $timesent = $extracted_data_info->timesent;
              echo $custom_ref = $extracted_data_info->custom_ref;
Sample DLR pushed (JSON)