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Inbox Webhook Setup a callback url to programatically receive data(messages/sms) sent to your virtual number(bypass code) on your server.
Basically you are required to setup a callback url on your Bypass Code server interface to receive a GET REQUEST data push on your server end.
💡 USAGE To set-up the Callback url, kindly visit the 2-way Messaging under 'Virtual numbers' section.
Click on the "Access" button to open the server settings.
Insert the callback url you wish to receive the data.
PHP code
 // get variables
  $from=$_GET['from']; //this is the phone number / sender of the message
  $message=$_GET['message']; //this is the message content sent in the transactions
  $timereceived=$_GET['timereceived']; //this is the time the message was sent
  $bypasscode=$_GET['bypasscode']; //this is the virtual number/ bypass code the message was sent to.
  // use the data
Sample response (URL encoded plain text)